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Nice camera flow.

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Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan is now available as printed book.

United Visual Artists - Vanishing Point, 2013

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The 100 most interesting websites: Good things come to those who SURF EVERY DAY of their lives.

E.T. phone home!

Xavier Delory - Habitat (2005-08)

Artist’s statement:

“Our countryside (in Belgium as well as in a many other western countries) is monopolized by one specific type of houses called ‘clé sur porte’ (turnkey) (def: Urban prefab cluster of similar forms implanted in the landscape without any effort of integration). The cycle ‘Habitat’ throws a look at this type of ‘architecture’. The concept of protection and stereotyped block is pushed to its extremes (similar to our withdrawal into on ourselves and our formated lifes).”

It’s time being athletic.

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Thomas Gardiner’s portrait of the Canadian West is an unconventional look at small towns in Canada.

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Inspired Eye, a photographic magazine.

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